About Muzosa Bujinkan Dojo of NYC

kanji kanji kanji

Collectively, the three kanji that make up the adjective “muzosa” can mean different things in Japanese: simple, artless, flowing it can also mean careless. This description perfectly sums up how we strive to practice our art. It should be simple, effective, efficient, perhaps even easy. It should be so simple and easy that to casual observers, it looks almost carelessly executed. It can be a difficult concept — to defend yourself without seeming to be defensive, to move without seeming to have changed position. But we practice with this concept of “muzosa” in mind. At the highest level, your art is concealed even while you are showing it, which is how we expect a ninja to act.

As a place to learn Bujinkan martial arts, our dojo is not strictly formal. Although we do follow traditions, we train in a casual atmosphere.

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