Jeff Christian

Yin and Yang

By now we are all familiar with the terms Yin and Yang. We all assume that we understand its meaning. It’s the balance of everything: Good and Bad, Black and White, Male and Female. We know what we have read in books and heard in lectures from wise men. But aside from making a cool…

Traveling Light

There is a saying about preparing for a trip: “Lay out everything you need, then pack half and take double the money.”  While doubling your money might not always be the easiest path, cutting down the things we carry around with us can really make life simpler, especially when faced with transcontinental voyages like out…

My Perfect Teachers

Very often, people will ask the question, “Why doesn’t Soke do something about so-and-so?” The teacher being discussed may have a reputation for not being very skilled, or being selfish, or too financially driven. Sometimes these criticisms are well founded. Other times they are rumors being passed on by people who have never met the…

Muzosa: More Than a Name

Here’s a question: how many people know “muzosa”? I’m sure everyone who’s reading this Journal would say “of course I know “muzosa.” It’s the name of our dojo, duh!!’, which is OK. However, how many people know the meaning behind the word “muzosa”?

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