Jeff Christian

C. A. Honyaku Japanese Translation Service

C.A. Honyaku is a skilled team of translators. With over 15 years of translation experience, both from English to Japanese and vice versa, we have provided services for many individuals, as well as freelancing for several Japanese community sites and free magazines. Our goal is to provide something more than a simple translation job; we…

Who We Are

Muzosa Bujinkan Dojo teaches the Japanese martial art of Budo Taijutsu. Budo Taijutsu is a unique art in that it’s actually composed of 9 separate martial arts that have been brought together under a single organization, called the Bujinkan. Each of the 9 martial arts have their own traditions and techniques that can be taught…

Training Fees

Monthly Fee For a flat fee of $99, Muzosa students are free to attend any class that Muzosa offers during the week. We want you to train as often as you want (and your schedule permits). With more than 9 classes a week, you’ve got plenty of options for your schedule! Per-Class Fee If you…

NYPD & FDNY Discount

Because we appreciate the risks taken by our cops and firefighters, we want to say “Thank You.” Muzosa offers a $10 discount each month to employees of the NYPD or FDNY. It’s the least we can do for our hometown heroes. click logo for NYPD website click logo for FDNY website

Black Belt Discount

At Muzosa, experience has privileges! Black Belt students receive a $10 discount each month. As senior students, Black Belts at Muzosa Dojo are relied upon to help mentor new students (white/green belts) and to teach/give useful feedback to the students they work with.

BuFest 2008

{gallery}seminars/bufest 2008/1{/gallery}In 2008, Jeff was invited to be a guest instructor at the 10th anniversary of BuFest, the annual seminar hosted by Eric Strong and Angie Smith. In honor of BuFest’s 10 years, various instructors were brought in to cover the past 10 years of training themes. Jeff Christian taught both the Togakure ryu and…

Japan 2005

The fall 2005 trip to Japan saw the usual great training, but also a larger group than normal. For some Muzosa students, it was their first trip. {gallery}japan/japan 2005{/gallery} One of the atypical moments this time was an (very!) early morning trip to the world-famous Tsukiji fish market, the largest fish market in the world.

Locking Up and Locking Down

There are two ways to physically control an opponent: knocking someone unconscious and locking up their joints. There are real health and legal ramifications that go along with knocking out somebody, which is why it’s useful to have an alternative.

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