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  • October 26, 2022

November announcements

November Weapon of the Month This month we’ll be working on knife….

Don’t Forget to move!

Want to feel better? Moving around is the easiest thing.

Learning Martial Arts from Videos?

Now that we differentiate between in-person and online learning, let’s discuss learning from videos.

Make these wrist drills part of your routine

Keep your wrists healthy with these simple stretches.

Can Martial arts increase your focus and reflexes?

Are there other intrinsic benefits to martial arts besides kicking butt? This study suggests so.

Pearly Whites

Black teeth? Not necessarily a sign of bad dental hygiene in Meiji Japan.

Online Martial Arts: A New Challenge

When I started Bujinkan training back in 1983, one thing that was…

Dojo Announcements

The new class schedule begins on July 12th. Given the uncertainty of…

New Class Schedule

2020 is a year of big changes at Muzosa: a new schedule and new locations.

25th Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in NYC for 25 years….

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