Jeff Christian at NYBA

Budo Exchange: Jeff Christian at NYBA

Budo Exchange at NYBA: Jeff Christian

Jeff Christian at NYBA

On Feb 21st from 7-9pm, Jeff Christian will be teaching an evening of Bujinkan kenjutsju at New York Budo Association.

New York Budo Association
434 6th Avenue
New York, NY, 10011

There has always been a close connection between Ryushin Shouchi ryu and the Bujinkan. Otani-sensei, the founder of the NYBA in 1963, was a long-time friend of Hatsumi-sensei and a childhood friend of Mariko Hatsumi. At the 1993 USA Tai Kai in Washington, D.C., Otani-sensei was kind enough to demonstrate his iaido and kenjutsu skills for us. Otani-sensei even sponsored a trip to NYC for Hatsumi-sensei in 1982, as part of his first visit to the USA.

This evening will focus primarily on Kukishinden ryu kenjutsu techniques and concepts, to contrast with the Ryushin Shouchi ryu kenjutsu. It should be fun!

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