Budo Exchange: Mitch Ratchik

Budo Exchange at Muzosa: Mitch Ratchik

Budo Exchange: Mitch Ratchik

We’re very excited to host Mitch Ratchik from New York Budo Association for an evening introduction to Ryushin Shouchi Ryu kenjustsu. Mitch is a shidoin (licensed instructor) and the senior instructor at NYBA.

There has always been a close connection between Ryushin Shouchi ryu and the Bujinkan. Otani-sensei, the founder of the NYBA in 1963, was a long-time friend of Hatsumi-sensei and a childhood friend of Mariko Hatsumi. At the 1993 USA Tai Kai in Washington, D.C., Otani-sensei was kind enough to demonstrate his iaido and kenjutsu skills for us. Otani-sensei even sponsored a trip to NYC for Hatsumi-sensei in 1982, as part of his first visit to the USA.

Ryushin Shouchi ryu is very different from the Bujinkan sword styles, so we’re anticipating a fascinating approach to kenjutsu!

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