24th Annual Bufest

September 9-11, 2022

Camp Cilca in Cantrall, IL

$180 if paid on/before July 22nd
$190 if paid between July 23rd and  August 5th
$220 after August 5th
Cost includes:
     * Fri, Sat, Sun training
     * Cabins with bunk beds
     * All meals except Fri night

$40 Fri only
$150 Sat & Sun only with meals
$130 Sat only, no meal
$140 Sat only, with meal
$40 Sun only, no meal
$50 Sun only with breakfast

Sponsored by Angie Smith and Eric Strong, this year’s theme will be “Beyond the Physical.”

Instructors for 2022

Karl Koch, 15th dan
Carol Koch, 15th dan
Jeff Walker, 15th dan 
Angie Smith, 12th dan
Mike Jones, 10th dan


PayPal to ryubujinkandojo@yahoo.com

or send checks made out to:

Angie Smith
47 Stonebrook Drive
Highand, Il 6224


BuFest was started in 1998 by Frank and Mary Hagen, with Dick Severance and Ed Martin as the original instructors and Glenn Morris conducting a firewalk. Frank and Mary passed on the running of BuFest to Eric Strong and Angie Smith. Other instructors were added to assist Dick and Ed over the years, who both continued to teach until their passing (Dick in 2009 and Ed in 2017).

Recent regular instructors have included Karl Koch, Carol Koch, Roy Wilkinson, Jeff Christian, Angie Smith, and Eric Strong, along with numerous guest instructors over the years. 

The spirit of BuFest is that of a weekend retreat, with tons of training, Saturday night training, and camaraderie (which we have all desperately needed in these pandemic times). It’s more important than ever we strive to carry on the spirit of training and friendship that Dick and Ed brought to BuFest over the years.

Suggested training materials to bring include: cane, bokken, training  knife, hanbo, kusarifundo, gi, and clothes for night training in woods. Bring plenty of snacks and water.

You’ll also need a towel, pillow, sleeping bag, and money for Friday evening’s dinner and for any available  merchandise.



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