C. A. Honyaku Japanese Translation Service

C.A. Honyaku is a skilled team of translators.

With over 15 years of translation experience, both from English to Japanese and vice versa, we have provided services for many individuals, as well as freelancing for several Japanese community sites and free magazines.

Our goal is to provide something more than a simple translation job; we strive to ensure that the full content of any document is retained. It is too common for the meanings of words, phrases, or expressions to be lost by focusing too much on literal translation. This is especially true for Japanese, where certain words may have no direct equivalents in other languages.

When working with projects that contain words with esoteric, contextually determined and sometimes religious interpretations, it is best to ensure that the translator understands how these words are used in conjunction with the rest of the text. This is possible only with a deep understanding of both languanges, which is reached through both personal experience and extensive research and study.

C.A. Honyaku strives to ensure that all translations are clear and fully understandable without losing any of the nuance of the original language.
To date, clients we’ve provided with translation services include the following:

-Businessmen & women
-Web sites
-Magazines & newspapers
-Martial artists

We handle a wide variety of jobs. Please contact us with descriptions of documents you wish to have translated, as well as any and all inquiries concerning pricing.

Reach us at:
E-MAIL: caahonyaku@gmail.com

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