Budo Taijutsu

These articles cover a wide range of training topics that related directly to training in the Bujinkan. We hope you’ll find some useful insights that other practitioners have shared.

Online Martial Arts: A New Challenge

When I started Bujinkan training back in 1983, one thing that was made very clear to us from our teachers was that in-person learning was the only acceptable method for teaching and learning a martial art. Books and videos (VHS back in those days, you know) could supplement your training, but they could never replace…

Martial Arts White Paper

The modern world of martial arts needs to be re-examined and the varied purposes of the different arts evaluated with a fresh eye. This white paper is an attempt to address some of the conflicts in today’s world of martial arts.


Thomas Edison once wrote, “Restlessness and discontent are the first necessities of progress.” When I look back to the start of my training in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, restlessness and discontent were a major part, and still are.  My first day of training was extremely challenging, as was my most recent day of training.

The ryu-ha System and Passing Knowledge

It has become a fashion of sorts in the martial arts to name what one does with a Japanese name, even if one does not have a Japanese martial art background or have any ability to speak Japanese. This use of such terms such as “ryuha” and “Soke” has caused a lot of confusion, even…

Training with an Injury

As anyone who has trained with me recently knows, I have been the lucky recipient of three knee surgeries in the past year and have been unable to practice taijutsu during that time. I have only recently begun to attend classes again and this article is about some of the things that I have learned…

Do I Really Listen?

I’d like to think that I listen well, every class. And I’d like to think that I encode what is being taught in the classes accurately. I’d also like to think that there are no bad people in the world, that my wits will never fail me, and that Santa Claus exists. (Rob, I’m sorry…

Ukemi for Beginners, Part II

I frequently see students practicing rolling very sloppily. They come up to the mat, lean forward and fall through, allowing their legs to stick up in the air and usually slamming their rear ankle on the ground on the way out. They don’t care because it’s on a mat, and when they have to take…

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