Training, Medical, & Healing

In the quest to become a complete human being, learning to be a warrior is only a part of our training. These articles cover other subjects that are not traditionally covered in Bujinkan training, but may be very helpful in expanding your horizons and understanding of yourself and the world.

Jeff’s Top 5 Training Books

  I liked Rob’s top 5 training books, so I thought I would do my own, if only to answer my own question of what would my top 5 list be?  

Five Books

As you can understand, writing an article that will in some way help or possibly influence your training is a difficult task to take on, especially for someone as simple as me.  With this in mind I’ve decided to take the easy way out by listing five books that have directly influenced my training.

DVT: My Personal Battle

February 12, 2006 . . . A day I had been anticipating since about ’96, from when I first started following the Bujinkan in high-school. It was the day I would finally study with Hatsumi-sensei. I can’t even put into words the way I felt, since I stayed up the whole night on the 12th. Little did I know that this very trip would begin a very subtle unrecognized fight for my own life…

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