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Information about training at Muzosa Bujinkan Dojo of NYC.

Wednesday Bujinkan Martial Arts Classes

Wednesday 7 pm – 9 pm Brooklyn   click above for Google map   Our Wednesday classes are in Prospect Park, near the 2/3 trains at Grand Army Plaza. Enter the park at Montgomery Drive and Prospect Park West. The training area is on the left inside the entrance area.

Thursday Bujinkan Martial Arts Classes

  Our Central Park classes are near the B/C trains at 72nd St., or near the 1/2/3 trains at 72nd St. Walk into Central Park from 72nd St. and follow the road down the hill as it enters the main loop. Cross into the park at the traffic light at the main loop. From the…

Monday Bujinkan Martial Art Classes

Pearl Studios500 Eighth AVenue, Room 1206 New York, NY 10018 Conveniently located just steps from the A/C/E trains at the 34th Street station, a block away from the 1/2/3 trains at the 34th Street station (7th Avenue), and two blocks from the N/Q/R/W trains and the B/D/F/M trains at the 34th Street stations (6th Avenue)….

Chinatown Bujinkan Martial Art Classes

  New York Chinese Cultural Center 390 Broadway, 2nd floor New York, NY 10013 Conveniently located near the N, R, Q, W, 6, J, M, and Z trains at the Canal Street station (Canal/Broadway), and only a five minute walk from the 1 train at the Canal Street station (Canal/Varick).   Monday 8 pm –…

Campaign 2008

  Campaign 2008 is scheduled for October 17-18th this year. This special annual training event runs continuously for 24 hours and combines war games, drills, kata, randori, and tactical training. The purpose of the Campaign is to contextualize the training, taking it out of the dojo and placing students in situations where stress and fatigue…

Training Resources

Information is crucial, not just to point us in the right direction in our training, but also to find ways to enhance our training outside the dojo. We’ve started to put together a few ways to help out with this, and we’ll continually expand as we find materials we think will be helpful. Stay tuned!

Membership: Training Fee & Discounts

At Muzosa, we don’t just consider ourselves a martial arts school, but a family. We all have the same goal of wanting to grow and get better at the art, because it makes us all better. With this end in mind, we offer several ways to make the study of Budo Taijutsu as beneficial as…

Senior Instructors

Muzosa Dojo has several black belt instructors who teach their own classes, having spent years studying at Muzosa. Naim BrownSenior Instructor Naim began training in 2001 and passed his godan test (5th degree black belt) in 2014. He lives in Harlem and teaches Muzosa classes in the Bronx and Tuesday nights in Central Park.       …

Muzosa Instructors

Jeff ChristianHead Instructor Jeff began training in 1983 under Stephen Hayes and then in 1986 began studying under Larry Turner and Kevin Schneider. He received his godan (5th degree black belt) in 1993 and began teaching in NYC in 1994, when he started Muzosa with Tim Brown. Jeff received his ju-godan (15th degree black belt) in…

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