Everyday Training

Everyday Training

One of the challenges in training is to find the opportunities for training in everyday life.

This Blizzard that occurred here in NYC bought back to me something Jeff said a few years ago. He told us everyday is training and at every moment of the day we should find these instances of training (Shiken Harumitsu Daikomiyo). Now this doesn’t mean that every moment you do your Sanshin no kata and Kihon — well actually it does, but not the form and kata per se. For example the blizzard was a great instance of applying training for me. While digging out my car covered in snow, I discovered it was easier and quicker when I used the shovel like a bo staff to break through the ice and 2 feet of snow. Then, using my legs and sanshin I was able to easily pick up the snow and toss it. This made a 1 hour job into a 30 minute job, saving damage to my back and giving me a killer core and leg workout.

It took me 2 years to finally begin to understand what Jeff was trying to tell us. To me this application of training translates very well into the actual applications in a fight, and this art teaches not only combat but how to use our bodies more efficiently everyday. Not to mention it also makes you aware of flaws in your taijutsu. So maybe next time you are doing a boring chore or activity (this applies to the mental stuff, too) do it with taijutsu. It may make it more fun, and you get your training in.


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