Training Fees

Monthly Fee

For a flat fee of $99, Muzosa students are free to attend any class that Muzosa offers during the week. We want you to train as often as you want (and your schedule permits). With more than 9 classes a week, you’ve got plenty of options for your schedule!

Per-Class Fee

If you can’t train at least 4 times a month, then paying for each class individually is the better option. At $25 a class, you still have an affordable option to keep up with your training. The fact that you’re keeping up with your training is far more important than how often you train, so don’t let your schedule be an excuse for staying away. Take what classes you can, stay on the path, and keep going!

New Student Package

For brand new students, we offer a special introductory 3-month package of $279. This $30 savings gets you started at Muzosa and lets you focus on starting your training without distractions. Our most popular option for new students!