Eating foreign cuisine can always be a challenge. Here's a couple of unusual ones from Japan.

Every culture has their unique foods, and Japan is no exception. Here are a few that I found the most intriguing. Anyone try one of these dishes? Please share your experience, and especially if you know somewhere in the city that serves these unique Japanese dishes, maybe a Dojo outing is in order.

Shirako  (Fish Sperm)
Shirako is the male genitalia of fish, the actual sack that contains its seminal fluid. According to the Food and Wine website, it is “Available only in winter months, shirako is considered a delicacy in Japan and can be eaten raw or cooked.”

I must admit, this dish seems to be more on the level of Anthony Bourdain. I’m not sure if I would be the one at our table trying this one. Would you?

Inago no Tsukudani いなごの佃煮 (Grasshoppers)
Inago no Tsukudani is a traditional Japanese cuisine. You can find this grasshopper insect dish in the inland rural communities of Yamagata, Nagano and Gunma prefectures. Inago is Japanese for grasshopper. It is simmered with tsukudani, a sweetened soy sauce. These guys are deep fried.

According to the Inago Connoisseur’s Society, “In parts of Japan, they’re served as bar snacks, just like beer nuts. Crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Once you have had one, you just can’t stop.”

Bring on a bowl, I would definitely give this one a try!


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