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Online Martial Arts: A New Challenge

When I started Bujinkan training back in 1983, one thing that was made very clear to us from our teachers was that in-person learning was the only acceptable method for teaching and learning a martial art. Books and videos (VHS back in those days, you know) could supplement your training, but they could never replace

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25th Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in NYC for 25 years. Unlike the huge event we hosted for our 20th anniversary, this year’s celebration is a bit smaller and closer to home. This time, all of our instructors have deep roots to Muzosa, having either taught at the dojo or been involved with Jeff,

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Martial Arts White Paper

The modern world of martial arts needs to be re-examined and the varied purposes of the different arts evaluated with a fresh eye. This white paper is an attempt to address some of the conflicts in today’s world of martial arts.

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