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Authentic budo in Nyc

Discover Your Inner Warrior

Are you ready to explore a path of self-discovery, empowerment, and self-defense skills? At Muzosa Dojo, we invite you to join a diverse and supportive community dedicated to the ancient arts of the Bujinkan. Become the hero of your own journey with us.

Expert Guidance

Our experienced instructors are here to guide you regardless of your age, abilities, or background, helping you develop functional martial arts skills that will last a lifetime.


Gain the knowledge and skills to you and your loved ones, with flexible physical and mental skills intended for a range of circumstances.

Lifelong Learning

Martial arts is an ongoing journey, not only for the young and athletic. We want people to be able to train and learn for decades, with healthy bodies and minds. Muzosa Dojo provides continuous learning and growth for all ages and abilities.


Become part of a very diverse, close-knit community that celebrates differences and shares a passion for martial arts. We fully support diversity, and it shows in our membership.

Latest news

Weapon of the Month

For December we’ll be working on muto-dori. Bring a bokken and training knife to class.

Class Changes

No classes on Tuesday, Dec. 26th, or Wednesday, Dec. 27th.
There will be class on Saturday, Dec. 30th.
No class on Sunday, Dec. 31st.

Recent articles

Budo Taijutsu

Gyokko ryu primer

What is Gyokko ryu kosshijutsu? Why is it fundamental? Is it really the oldest school in the Bujinkan?

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